Friday, April 10, 2009

Exercise - Fit - The way to a healthier life style

I would like to share something between exercise and healthy life style. At the moment, I still dun have any idea in how to start sharing with all of u out there regarding these topics, but I'll try my best through some reading and my own practice.

As all of u realize, nowadays many people are lack of exercises. Exercise, exercise and exercise....... hmmmm, it's sounds very tiring.........and for those who are seldom or never at all do regular exercise, let say twice per week, may feel quite unwell or maybe not so fit - feel your body quite weight and it's hard for you to run freely as in movie. Believe me, I have a lot of things to share with u regarding exercises and how I start to practice it and do it as my routine activities. In the next post, I will describe slowly part by part on how to lose your weight sistematically & effectively; while at the same time build a beauty and magnificient body. I'm not the expert, but I can share something with all of you outside there who feel it's important to apply a healthier living style - based on MY EXPERIENCE......


  1. ehhh sape amek gamba ni? abg larik2 tangan gerak2 la ek.. jgn jd kurus sgt yer abg.. nnt xsedap.. hahahah